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  CANdo Application
The CANdo Application software is designed to work in conjunction with the CANdo Interface, to provide a simple, yet powerful tool for viewing, logging & transmitting messages on a CAN network.
CANdo Application - CAN Fixed View
  CAN View - Fixed Mode
The CAN View window displays all messages received & transmitted on the CAN bus, as well as error frames & bus state changes.

In 'Fixed View' mode, messages are displayed in fixed positions in a list. Any new message with the same 'Type' & 'ID' as one already in the list automatically overwrites the currently displayed message.

The CAN messages maybe displayed in either decimal or hexadecimal format.
CANdo Application - CAN Cyclic View
  CAN View - Cyclic Mode
In 'Cyclic View' mode, messages are displayed in chronological order in a list. New messages are added to the end of the list, until the cyclic buffer is full, then the list loops back to the start. The size of the cyclic buffer maybe specified in the 'View' > 'Options'.
CANdo Application - CAN Transmit
  CAN Transmit
The CAN Transmit page consists of a CAN transmit list & a CAN Transmit Editor. The editor allows messages to be specified & then added to the transmit list. The CAN Transmit page maybe combined with the CAN View page to assist in interactive debugging of the CAN bus.

Messages in the list can be stopped/started & modified while CANdo is running.

Transmit messages may be triggered -
  • OnTime - periodic
  • OnKey - single, manually keyed
  • Now - immediate
CANdo Application - CAN Setup
  CAN Setup
The CAN Setup page allows the CAN baud rate, operating mode & receive filters to be specified.
  • Baud rate from 12.5k to 1M
  • Normal, listen only & loopback operating modes
  • Multiple filters for both receive buffers
The CAN Setup & the CAN Transmit list can be saved to a configuration file for later retrieval.
CANdo Application - Log Options
  CAN Log
The messages on the CAN bus maybe saved to a log file for further analysis. The saved messages may also be replayed onto the CAN bus, using the replay options.

The Log Options dialog allows the log file format to be specified, as well as the message types to be logged & replayed.
CANdo Application - CAN Bus Load
  CAN Bus Load
The total bus load presented by all the messages on the CAN bus is displayed in the status bar.

Click on the link below to download the CANdo Application User Guide.

CANdo Application User GuideCANdo Application User Guide

Notes :
  1. The CANdo Application software is available as a FREE download from the 'Download' page
  2. The operation of the CANdo Application is described in more detail in the help documentation provided with the program
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